Designed to cinch your waist for maximum comfort and style while skiing or snowboarding.

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About Us

We created Bib Belts to help women from all over be confident in how they look on the mountain. Why not look good while you’re carving down the slopes?

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    Bib Belts in Action

    The functionality of bib belts comes from the thick elastic band and durable plastic clip that cinches your bib to fit your waist flawlessly.

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    How It Works

    The majority of snow bib pants are designed with belt loops. Bib belts were made to run through the back of the bib to cinch your waist area to ensure confidence on the mountain.

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    How to Apply

    Zip your bibs up all the way as you normally would, then reach around to the back 2 or 3 belt loops and loop your bib belt around until you can clip it together. Then you’re ready to ride!

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  • snowboard girl on mountain in purple Burton ski bibs

    Functionality and Style

    Bib Belts were designed to not only to increase your confidence on the mountain, but also maximize comfort and fit for all women's ski bibs.

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  • "Thank you <3 I get so many compliments your bib belts are the best and defines women's bodies while boarding <3<3"


  • "Went to Bear mountain and had at least 5 girls ask what I was wearing and where to get it!"


  • "My bf got me a bib belt for my bday and I LOVED IT!!! Customer service was really helpful with exchanging for sizes and I looked pretty cute with it ngl. Thanks for creating such a great product!!"